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Shipping Professional Network London

We are pleased to announce our new corporate sponsorship with the Shipping Professional Network London (SPNL).

The SPNL was founded in 2007 as a meeting place for young shipping professionals in London. From starting as a group of almost 30 the SPNL has grown and developed to be included in the Lloyd’s List Maritime Map and has received official backing from the UK Chamber of Shipping.

The SPNL provides a forum for young professionals working in the shipping industry in London, serving as a networking platform with future shipping leaders whilst providing exposure to current industry leaders. As the leading firm of shipping notaries in London, the firm is excited to lend our support to such a valuable organisation for young shipping professionals.

Saville & Co has been dealing with the certification and registration of documents for ship sale & purchase and financing since the firm started over 25 years ago. We have built close connections with all the main ship registries operating in London and for all shipping enquiries do not hesitate to get in touch.

For more information on the SPNL, please go to