Agents for Service of Legal Process

Saville & Co. are frequently asked to act as agents for service of legal process by parties to international agreements. The appointment of an Agent for service of legal process is advisable where there is a legal relationship between two or more parties without a place of business within the United Kingdom and their contract is governed by English law. If the parties appoint an agent within the United Kingdom to receive service of any legal writs or claims on their behalf, it avoids difficulties connected with service outside the jurisdiction.

Saville & Co. provide two services in this regard:

  1. Parties to loan agreements often ask us to act in connection with a one-off transaction, particularly ship financing transactions, where we are requested to act on behalf of the borrower(s), the manager and the guarantor(s). A single fee is charged, and we act only in respect of the particular transaction.
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  2. Overseas banks and financial institutions request us to act as their agents within the U.K. on a continuing basis in connection with all transactions governed by English law which they enter into in a particular year. An initial fee is charged, and a per annum fee for each year thereafter.
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